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GIFD or Global Interior & Fashion Design Institute in Kolkata is a prime academy for learning professional courses which specializes in interior designing, fashion designing as well as acting and modeling courses in Kolkata. In today's growing era, new options of career are very tempting to the younger generation. Industries are evolving very fast whether it is a fashion designing, Interior designing, acting or modeling.

Hence, we designed our courses in the most suited way for every aspirant in Kolkata. GIFD provides specialization, skilled education which builds creative minds curious to know more skills.

Any specialization on skill needs enough practice and perfect guidance. The practice factor depends upon the student but guidance is needed at first and that also from a skillful mentor. Without great mentorship, practice is nothing in this professional course field. So, here GIFD provides the best faculty, professors who are professionally experienced in their respective field.

GIFD offers the best knowledge both theoretical and professional with great resources and faculty. We are always ready to clear your doubts every way out. Therefore, GIFD is now set to be the best design institute as well as acting and modeling academy in Kolkata.

The ultimate aim of GIFD is to nurture the strength and create a professional designer out of a building artist. GIFD is such a place where one will find endless inspiration and place where one can really enjoy the process of learning.


GIFD Academy being one of the prestigious academy in Kolkata offers 3 years / 2 years / 1 year integrated course in fashion designing and interior designing along with acting and modelling course. Our well -structured course program explores the potential of design to transform a space into unique experiences . In a constantly changing or say evolving world where design challenges are so complex, this program equips our students to enhance their imaginative thoughts and conceive meaningful ideas and transform them to build an environment that gives the positive impact and improve the experience of the end users.


Presently, culture or the trend of professional training is reaching heights. Most of the people are now getting engaged in the professional courses. Of them, the popular professional courses at Kolkata that GIFD offers are of fashion designing, interior designing, acting and modelling courses. Kolkata being the city of rich culture lags behind in providing proper professional institute for learning. But now with the guidance of the world class mentors at GIFD, professional learning is now easier for a common man. Our students learn the professional course with a clear understanding of theories of discipline, fundamentals, principles, human comfort and so on.


The core vision of the GIFD is to enable students to think critically, take creative risks for a larger impact. The understanding comes from research on aspects that include human needs, behaviour and psychology through project based learning. Relating to the current times and the rapidly changing scenario, we encourage students to seek innovative solutions by adopting sustainable practices which also forms an integral part of the learning experience.

We are an academy of creative learning that ministers diverse and masterfully designed courses spanning throughout creative fields that inspire students to unleash their talents. We believe that every creative individual requires the liberty of thought. At GIFD students are given complete authority as they progress through their respective field teamed with thorough guidance by industry insiders.


At GIFD, students are mentored by professional experts and are offered great learning resources along with special programs, workshops, seminars. We have a team of experienced faculty who are engaged in constantly developing and polishing the skills of aspirants. GIFD strives to challenge students' creative boundaries by providing an in-depth analysis of various stages of designing, acting and modeling through the respective industry-oriented courses. The school aims to provide hands-on experience to prepare them to face future challenges.

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We love great design

We started GIFD to realize our passion for design and dramatic world into guidance of thousands of professionals.


We love challenges

Our love for challenges is what keeps us updated. We rise up to any educational challenge thrown by the industry.


We love innovation

Innovation comes in many forms, but its the best when it comes from young minds not hindered by bad education.