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In last few years, fashion design course in Kolkata has become very popular. The boom in the fashion industry is hard to deny. This boom will pioneer and challenge the new generation to explore fashion with theoretical concepts and practical methods. The main motive of specialisation programs in fashion designing course in Kolkata is to acquire the in-depth knowledge of the fashion sector in all of it aspects through creativity and knowledge of other aspects related to fashion.

If you have a creative mind, when it comes to clothing and attire, fashion designing can be a good career choice for you.


Students who are willing to pursue fashion design course in Kolkata must fulfill certain criteria. To apply for admission to fashion design course in Kolkata, candidate must it complete there class 12th in any subject ( like Science,Commerce, Arts). Such candidates are eligible for a fashion design course at graduate level in Kolkata.

The candidate must pass class 12th examination with at least 50 percent from a recognised Indian board for admission to fashion design courses at graduate level.

Candidates scoring not less than 50% in bachelors degree from a recognised college or university is eligible for PG fashion design course in Kolkata.

Candidate must complete 10 + 2 from a recognised board in Kolkata with less than 40-50% for pursuing to diploma course in fashion designing. 



In the first year of fashion designing course, GIFD institute of best fashion designing introduces the basic concepts and knowledge in fashion and its businesses. This course provides industry oriented knowledge methodology with technical understanding and professional skills. Basic modules of learning that GIFD provide involves foundation on designing, drafting & Pattern making, Fashion sketching, Textile studies, colour concept, fabric studies, computer fundamental with communication and soft skills are sharpened. During the course, technical skills are enhanced to build up the core knowledge and skills on designing.


In the second year of the fashion designing course in Kolkata, GIFD imparts the knowledge on how to do innovation and understand new creation to enhance their professional ability with modules like construction studies of innovative garments, fashion history, Computer graphics & Fashion designing and Fashion presentation. GIFD is a Professional Fashion Designing Institute in Kolkata. The students will be prepared for Industry internship with the analysis of best practices in the area of design and technical aspect of manufacturing processes comprise production planning & control, product analysis, quality control and CAD/CAM development.


During the final year of the fashion designing course, students will be performing on individual projects undertaken by mentors which integrates and applies all learning from the program. GIFD provides Professional Fashion Designing course in Kolkata and Best Interior designing course in Kolkata.

Aspirants will be undergoing with professional projects with modules like fashion merchandising, international marketing, entrepreneurship and survey & projects.


Fashion Designing Course

1st year

Fashion Designing Course in Kolkata

2nd year

Fashion Designing Course

3rd year


A person with great skill in creativity and artistic sense with proper knowledge in fashion design becomes successful in the field of fashion designing. Drawing well and expressing the idea with innovative thoughts effectively is a symbol of a great fashion designer. There are certain more skill that needs to be present in a good fashion designer such as observation, creative thinking, artistic taste, give attention to even minute details, knowledge of market demand, etc.


Fashion and technology are two different terms. Both are joined together to bring out the best in fashion. Among these two words one is warm and tender another one is cold and sharp. Whenever we think about wearable technology an updated fashionable lifestyle flashes in our mind. Fashion tech is a technology that enables a fashion experience when you wear it or interact with it. Fashion tech is already capturing the world with the advancement in technology.

Fashion Designing Institute in Kolkata


Fashion design course in Kolkata not only involves fashionable garments. It includes textiles, fabrics, jewellery designs, footwear and many more aspects. With the digitisation and advancement in technology, fashion designing is also heading towards the epitome of success; not only in terms of lifestyle but also in career making. It is quite obvious if world is accepting the advancement in lifestyle then the cost of it will also increase. So people are indulging more and more into the fashion design industry as a career opportunity. A fashion enthusiast with proper theoretical and practical knowledge can also set up and continue his or her own business and make their own way. For those wishing to do futher studies in the fashion design field have many specialisation options to choose from.


Fashion not only focuses on the designs and looks. It also focuses on developing more durable and sustainable designs. Presently, fashion trends also looks upon the sustainable design, production, fashion business management, designs for future etc. In the course, students are taught about new and innovative methods of designing along with new pattern making techniques with the use of new technologies, IT applications, etc.

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GIFD: Paving the Path to Success in the Fashion World – A Leading Fashion Institute in Kolkata

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Those interested in becoming a fashion designer should consider to take up the bachelor’s degree in design.

It takes about three to four years after receiving the bachelors degree.

Aspirants obtaining fashion design degree can either start their own design label or can start doing internship under a fashion designer who already succeeded in the field.

To become a successful fashion designer one must possess a sense of creativity and artistic taste; must understand the game of colours, texture; a knowledge of sewing and pattern cutting; imagination, originality and finally ability to sketch and draw.

Aspirants with great artistic and creative mind can surely take fashion designing as a career. In the recent time the scope in fashion designing as a career has become huge.

The fees for a fashion designing course in Kolkata can vary depending on factors such as the institute, course duration, facilities provided, and the level of expertise of the faculty. On average, the fees for a fashion designing course in Kolkata can range from ₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000 per year. However, it’s important to note that these are just average figures, and the actual fees may vary from institute to institute. Some reputed institutes may charge higher fees due to better infrastructure and faculty expertise, while others may offer more affordable options.

In Kolkata, there’s a variety of fashion designing courses to choose from, including certificate, professional, degree, and master’s options.

Select a premier fashion design institute renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, encompassing specialized courses, a one-year internship program, and opportunities for international internships. Ensure the institute offers 100% placement assistance upon completion of the program.

The only requirement for admission to the fashion designing course at GIFD is a Class 12th mark sheet.

To choose the best fashion design course or institute in Kolkata, consider factors like faculty expertise, industry connections, curriculum relevance, alumni success, and available resources like workshops and internships. Research each option thoroughly, visit campuses if possible, and speak with current students or alumni to get firsthand insights into the quality of education and opportunities offered.

GIFD Fashion Design Institute being the best design institute in Kolkata provides course in Fashion Design & Management in Kolkata. GIFD also provides skill-oriented Fashion design training programs as a part of their courses.