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Interior designing course in Kolkata

Interior Designing Courses

Interior Designing Courses

Interior Design is the art and science that creates a pleasant, healthy environment by coordinating decorative elements. As people spend more time on the quality of life and travel to exotic destinations, interior designers are in high demand.

For those with creative minds, a career in interior design is a popular choice. Many interior design schools offer a variety of courses at diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. You can search for more information about internal design courses in India.

What is Interior Designing?

Interior design makes interior spaces more beautiful by using color schemes, furniture, and decorations to create a pleasant environment. Internal designing courses will teach students the techniques and practical knowledge of interior design. You must have both technical and creative skills if you want to be an interior designer. Designers must be passionate and dedicated. It is a demanding career that can lead to disaster.

A house designer plans and designs the interiors of houses, offices, restaurants, etc. Coordinate with the right color, texture, lighting, and other decorative materials. It’s all due to the Interior Designer. The Interior Designer is responsible for making a building’s interior more appealing.

Interested students at a reputable design school can pursue interior designing courses. Students must meet the requirements for admission to the internal design programs at the respective institute. The interior designing courses will teach the fundamentals and application of design. Here is a list of interior designing courses available in India.

What courses are available in Interior Design?


Bachelor of Interior Design (B.Des Interior Design)

A bachelor’s degree in interior design can be completed over three years. Many institutions offer a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Admission may be granted on merit or by taking an entrance test. There may be different admission criteria depending on the institute. The following outlines the essential criteria for admission.

  • Students must pass the 10+2 exam or equivalent from any recognized University/Board in any discipline.
  • A minimum of 50% is required for students to give their qualifying examination.

After completing a degree as an Interior Designer, you can choose to work in a career related to interior design.

After completing a 3-year interior design degree, aspirants can work as interior designers or product designers. You can also become an entrepreneur with your own business after completing your bachelor’s degree. An estimated 2.5 to 10 lakhs are the average annual income. You can work in the following areas as a designer: museum, construction, event management, public work, etc.


BA Interior Architecture and Design

BA Interior Architecture and Design is another option. Admission may be based on merit or by taking an entrance exam. The tuition fee for a BA in Interior and Architecture Design varies from college to college. The average tuition fee for a BA in Interior and Architecture Design may be between 1.5 lakhs and five lakhs. Below are the basic requirements for this course.

  • Aspirants must pass the 10+2 standard/HSC examination or equivalent from any recognized university or board in India.

Interior Designing Top Colleges

Below is a list highlighting top colleges that offer interior design courses. For admission assistance, call 1800-572-9877 toll-free or complete the Common Application Form. We are happy to assist you.

After completing a BA in Interior Architecture and Design, you can pursue a career as an interior architect or Designer.

You can be an interior designer, architect, interior designer, drafter, project manager, or lecturer with a BA in Interior Architecture and Design. Multi-company interior design jobs can be done by film, film, construction, and hotel companies.

Interior Design by B.Des

An interior design bachelor’s degree is offered over four years. It focuses on the internal design field. It is provided at most Indian design institutes. Admission is based on merit. The entrance test is followed by counseling. The entrance test determines whether a student will be admitted to the B.Des in interior design at the national and university levels. The entrance tests in India include UCEED and NID DAAT. NATA, CPET, and NATA are just a few. These are the basic eligibility requirements for admission to B.Des Interior Design.

After completing a B.Des degree in Interior Design, you can view your job profile.

Following a B.Des in interior design, there are many career options.

  • Independent Interior Designer
  • Researcher
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Interior Design Publicist
  • Set Designer etc.

A degree in Interior Design is a must-have for anyone looking to work in museums, hospitals, consulting firms, and other public areas.

B.Sc. Interior Designer

Students can also apply for admission to a three-year B.Sc. in Interior. Admission candidates will need to take an entrance test and then undergo counseling. Below are the basic requirements for admission.

Career option after B.Sc in Interior Design

  • Interior Designer
  • Interior Journalist
  • Designer
  • Product Designer etc.
  1. Diploma in Interior Design

A one-year diploma in Interior Design is also available to students. A diploma course costs between 18,000 and 2,20,000 INR. Below are the basic eligibility requirements.

  • Candidates must complete 10+2 or an equivalent exam from a recognized university or board.
  • The qualifying exam must score at least 50%.

After completing a 1-year diploma in interior design, you will be able to apply for a job.

  • Draftsman
  • Wedding decorators
  • Assistant Manager
  • Install Designer
  • Automotive interior Designer etc.

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