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Interior Designing Course in Kolkata

Is Interior Designing Your Passion?

Is Interior Designing Your Passion?

Want to become an Interior Designer and make Career options in Interior Designing? 

Then You are in the right place.

Kolkata has a huge market for interior design. Just one example: As real estate costs rise, more and more people are choosing to live in smaller, more compact homes. In this case, the interior designer can save space and provide a particular and attractive touch to the home with their theme-based designs which has opened the gates for future and career chances for Interior Designers.

GIFD (Global Interior Fashion Design) has brought something different , better and new chances in the field of Interior Designing for people who are passionate about Interior Designing. And also want to learn it and become an expert in this field to grow their career in Interior Designing. GIFD (Global Interior Fashion Design) is the best Interior Design Institute in Kolkata for aspirants to pursue their career in Interior Designing as of today’s date due to some specific reasons.

Let’s talk about the GIFD (Global Interior Fashion Design):-

GIFD or Global Interior & Fashion Design Institute in Kolkata is a best famous institute for learning professional courses which specializes not only interior designing, fashion designing but acting and modeling courses as well in Kolkata.

Some of the skills that the GIFD teaches new interior designer is the ability to deal with technical details, the ability to work in a team, sketching ability, logical thinking, visual awareness, technical abilities , color sense, ability to work on a given budget, good contact skills, study of textures, materials and trends to be the best in the interior designing profession and become a Professional in their Skills.

In today’s growing era, the best and new career options are attractive to the younger youth, industries are evolving very fast whether it is interior designing, Hence, we designed our courses in the most easy way for every aspirant in Kolkata and around the globe.

Hence, GIFD is the best place for aspirants to learn and grow their careers and GIFD Kolkata interior designing institute provides that particular, skilled education which builds creative minds eager to know more skills and develop themselves to the top of their careers without any single thought. The chances of interior design is very vast, growing, and complex. It includes the study of different materials and their texture, understanding, and apply those skills in space planning, architecture, human activity patterns. Additionally, it includes the application of style, color, mood and vibe. This call for the selection, icon of walls color and position of furniture as well as any necessary wall installation art and craft.



There is a wide range of things that can be done in the interior design field. Creating a beautiful home is only one element of it. You will need to plan out your spaces to ensure that they work well together and look good from inside and out. You will need to know how to use colors and light within your building to make your place look great. The scope of interior design is diverse. It not only involves housewares and furniture but also visual demo, lighting, beauty, transport, etc. There’s a good range of practice for designing strictly within this discipline.

Some designs are more functional than others, but all are worth noting for their impact on the mind—whether positive or negative.

Therefore, the job of an interior designer spans a variety of industries, including architectural, planning, promote, security, hospitality, and other services. Hotels and luxurious residences employ a lot of interior designers. Depending on the sector of the economy they operate in, interior designers will have different job profiles. There are various ways for students who want to continue careers in interior design.


GIFD is one of the most famous and best interior design institutes in Kolkata. The institute provides a variety of course modules that combine original thought with practical application.

GIFD provides workshops and training programmes in acting, presenting, styling, and interior design in order for individuals to support their professions at the lead of the latest ideas. GIFD promotes concepts that are true to the field of interior design.

Interior design for commercial and residential buildings is taught by GIFD. The goal of the GIFD interior course is to provide the professional learning opportunity in the field of interior design. It offers the various best courses on interior design, interior renovation in Kolkata.

Courses Duration:-

The course duration is for three years in which students will get complete and best training for all interior designing courses with famous professionals and masters of interior designing industry.


Creativity :- Creativity is one of the most important qualities for an interior designer. You must stay current with trends in interior design, be aware of how different fields might be applied, and be creative enough to generate fresh and new ideas.

Excellent communication skills:- A big part of being an interior designer is connecting with clients, contractors, and suppliers.

Budgeting and numeracy:-You will need to stick to a specific budget when working as an interior designer on a project, so you should feel at ease with figures. You must be able to calculate the exact costs of each elements of your strategy, from labor and materials to the price of any delays in the process. When working on an interior design project, you will need to stick to a certain budget, therefore you should feel confident with numbers. 

Drawing and Design Skills:- Must be able to sketch to contact concepts and design plans to clients. In the early stages, you can quickly create hand-drawn sketches to quickly show your ideas.

Career Options In Interior Designing in Kolkata:

Interior design is a huge career covering architecture and planning, marketing, protection, restaurants, housing, and other services. Many interior designers work in hotels and high-end residential properties. The job description of an interior designer will differ according to the industry in which they work. Therefore, students who wish to pursue an interior design career have several options in Kolkata and in India. Some of the main areas are listed below in which interior designers can pursue their careers

  • Architectural Firms
  • Furniture Companies
  • Construction Firms
  • Public Sector Firms
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Corporate Sector
  • Private Sector Firms
  • Furnishings and Interior Elements
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Residential Space Planning Sector
  • Self-Employed

 Career Options for Interior Designers according to Job Roles :

The type of work that an interior designer does depends on several factors – the main factor is the industry they’re working for and the location. Hence, check this list of famous job roles for interior designers in Kolkata and all across India.

  • Product Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Interior Elements Advisor
  • Interior Space Consultant
  • Model Maker
  • Portfolio Designer
  • Blogger
  • Professor of Interior Design
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Kitchen Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Production Designer
  • Healthcare Designer
  • Corporate Designer
  • Bathroom Designers
  • Industrial Designers

The Conclusion :-

Interior Designing ,recreating, restoration, and routine maintenance on a residential and commercial property of an individual or organization are included in interior design services.

It is an artistic science that makes use of creative yet lovely designs to transform a space and produce a healthier habitat inside the building. Therefore, those who desire to progress their professions have the option of joining in this professional courses offered by GIFD.

In addition, GIFD is one of the growing interior designing institute in Kolkata and this help the aspirants to grow their careers and become professional in interior designing. This develops a positive mindset and self-motivation and important advances in careers.

After all, GIFD likes maintaining and adding principles that are career-oriented so that individuals can feel like they are working together in their homes and achieving more.


  1. What are the main subjects for Interior Designing?
    The main subjects included in Interior designing are – Research Strategies, Architecture, CAD, Illustration, Drawing, Rendering, Layouts, Photography, Design Processes, besides, Presentation and Communication skills.
  2. What does an interior designer do?
    They help in planning out the layout of an establishment which can be a house, office, or any other commercial complex in such a manner that the area at hand is utilized in the best possible way. The main task of an interior designer/decorator is to make any establishment look attractive and also offer utility items.
  3. What are the best and top institutes to learn professional interior designing in Kolkata?
    GIFD (Global Interior Fashion Design Institute of Kolkata)
  4. What are the upcoming trends in interior design?
    Some of the upcoming trends are Luxe outdoor lighting, wickerwork, irregular rags, ocean hues, coloured concrete, and portable table lamps.

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